About to make waves in the world of eSport Gaming



So you’re wondering where the amazing name comes from. Well LaZAP! is that very thing all gamers want to hear. It’s the sound your weapon of choice makes right before you make your win! Oh what a wonderful feeling!

Ok, now we would love to share more on what we will be building and doing but we are kind of keeping it as a secret! Yes, I know you get all excited to visit the site and now you might have this utter disappointment. Remember though, you can always moan to us through our Contact Us page.

Anyway we’re pretty excited with what we are going to achieve and hope you pop back soon to keep tabs on our progress.

Below are a few things we value as a company.

Truly CUstomer FIrst

We really really believe in building for the customer. Sure it’s got to be world-class, but it also needs to be effortless. So we test and we test and then we test some more using brilliant customer feedback to make sure we get it right all guided within some kick-ass design thinking principles.


It’s not that hard to do but we know about unconscious bias and we just don’t like it. We are inclusive. We want people who work well in teams regardless of their background, history, gender, personality type and if they do or do not put pineapple on pizza.

Have Fun

You’ll either accidentally or by design land up spending so many hours with us 🤷‍♀️ We definitely want to make sure our working environment is the kind that makes you want to head to the office every morning. Goodbye alarm clock blues!

Resonates a lot? Ok, we should talk! We will be ramping up soon and will need some awesome people to join us on this ride.